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Tent material to clarify the D, T and PU representative of what?

Like the tent packaging are usually clearly marked with the Inner tent, rainfly and floor mat material stated herein as common: they let you know so the morphology of 190T, 150D and PU1500mm so that D and T, What PU respectively performance?

First, the influence of density, wear-resistant and anti-tear indicators: D and T indicators tent, and that is above and tent fabric density, abrasion, tear performance related data indicators. Herein D is Denier Abbreviation, called Daniel value, is an expression of the essentials of chemical fiber fineness, per 9000 meter long wire that is referred to as a weight in grams of 1D, therefore, D front the smaller the number, the more the performance of the material fine, the smaller the relative density, whereas the D in front of larger the number, the thicker the fiber, the greater the relative density of the corresponding area of the same fabric will be more important, while the stronger abrasion. T (Tex system) the performance of one inch (2.54cm) in the sum of the number of warp and weft of the fabric, you can also understand simple as: Digital T before the larger, heavier fabrics similar area.

Second, the fabric waterproof outcome indicators: After the fabric determined to have a waterproof tent, but also to Britain at the end disposal of special waterproof another penalty, the most common is PU coating (PU is a polyurethane polymer organic material, PU coating is a stable temperature-resistant coating), that PU glue scraping in the fabric, such as the promise of a coating is soft and feel good, strong waterproof performance without aging. Difficult to understand, PU coating thickness determines the waterproof tent, and the coating thickness in mm performance evaluation release static water column height in the implementation of the coating under laboratory conditions, such as PU1500mm release coating the coating comment under static 1500mm water column is not leaking. Reality resume credentials in the field case PU800 coating can prevent light to moderate rain, PU1000-1200 coating can prevent moderate to heavy rain, overriding 1500mm coating can be used in various situations simply.

In the acquaintance of the above indicators send righteousness, we can usually match by simple indicators to buy tents, although these indicators only factor in the decision department tent texture, grade, and what kind of performance tents detailed selection, also depending on the needs and realities of the tent sites faithfully use when you have a line with the tent, you can pick up the equipment at any time, in the mountains, small stream, wilderness and settled down to enjoy the free and easy, and positive life satisfaction.

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