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Corner characteristics and installation instructions for the use of tents

1, stacked four corners advertising tent (also called easily opened and closed folds tent). Light weight, easy to use and complete specifications, special specifications can be customized,
   Frame are made of square tube production, post-grilled white paint surface treatment, Peng surface coating, waterproof coating, waterproof anti-aging treatment.
  2, folding the corners advertising tent durable, beautiful, easy to easy accessibility, easy to carry removable, time away
   Car trunk, relax, price concessions, welcomed patrons.
  Completed within 3,1 minutes to install, lightweight and durable, easy to carry, and acting freely, telescopic pillars of 10 tons arbitrarily adjust the height, different environments and terrain, simple and safe. Disassembly and easy to carry, can be folded up quickly when you want to move, over PVC oxford cloth waterproof sunscreen, durable, easy to clean, complete specifications, a variety of colors, representing the Indian advertising logo.
  4, all products imported needle stitching, three-dimensional, feeling the drag of water chestnut appearance, stronger and more durable.
  5, each of the four corners of the car in the seizure of the tent, its function (1): This is beautiful; (2) To facilitate Lassa rope bag or nails to prevent wind damage to the tent, the impact from the wind.
  6, in the car with a top layer lining the tent, double top is more durable.
  7, tent pole height of 80cm, more fluid drainage, hem foot 32 cm, can be done straight edge hem.
  Tents may be used alone, can also be connected to more than one joint, larger and more flexible range of applications. Suitable for large-scale exhibitions, organizations, public affairs, mobile stalls, hotels, clubs, schools and other outdoor sports and travel and leisure, beaches, outdoor adventure activities make temporary use of land, temporary garages, workplaces, etc., and can print advertising and other outdoor activities, widely used in the promotion of banking and finance, insurance, securities, real estate, logistics, training institutions, communications and clean water, medicine, home appliances and other products, is the ideal choice to promote corporate image and tourism and leisure.

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