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Survey conducted four major trends in outdoor advertising

Throughout these years, the trend of outdoor advertising launch, you can summarize the following four characteristics:
A carry from the air to the ground
Currently, the city's outdoor advertising and many more advertising-based roof. In all types of construction material volume erected atop huge billboard, despite striking visual impact force, but this effect is often obtained at the expense of all the appearance of the construction itself, affect the value of the surrounding environment, especially in some wore a billboard, seem nondescript on the characteristics of the construction thereof. Thus, the outdoor advertising from the sky fell to the ground, focusing on advertising equipment compatibility with the surrounding environment has become a trend in the future conduct of outdoor advertising.
Second, the change from large scale to small
A few years ago, we see on the streets are mostly huge volume, easily hundreds of square meters of outdoor advertising. Today, delicate body mass, shape and diverse, sophisticated manufacturing a variety of small outdoor advertising look everywhere, especially in some important commercial district, a small outdoor advertising equipment now occupies a dominant position.
Third, commercial and nonprofit organic link
Outdoor advertising business as convey information carrier, without losing its commercial function, based on the increasingly focusing its welfare. Such as the use of outdoor advertising devices released cooperation in the political, cultural activities, seasonal nature of public service ads; station kiosk billboard shelter for everyone; billboards within the district also signpost; street bulletin boards, such as billboards and newspaper column with teaching, Prussian and other functions. This people-oriented to a single business function, to co-ordinate public life needs, providing convenient for the public to change the function of the day, is a major trend in the current outdoor advertising undertaken.
Fourth, the new technology throughout selection
Today, outdoor advertising has been completely abandoned the low-quality planning, manufacturing rough stale technology, the choice of a number of new technologies, new materials, new technologies, such as computer inkjet, pictures, screen printing, a variety of lamps and Bao Li Bu, stainless steel etc., makes the advertising device in the picture planning, use of color, the technology looks increasingly sophisticated, increasingly rich, even more lively, more contemporary.

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