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Selection and set up outdoor tents

So part of the method to carry tents, to be assembled, so, if necessary, after all sorts of parts and stuff arrived at the scene. Met various parts of the name and the use of methods, familiar with the structure of the tent, talent quickly and easily put up tents.

Tent Body: tent curtain, pillars and cushions.

Pillars: also known as pillars, perpendicular to establish the ground. There is a trim or two, three adjoining various types. Some of the curved portion of the tubular post, it is necessary to wire contiguous.
Border: use in bullet-type tent or cabin tent, a short bar-shaped material combined into a pillar or pillars.
Building: Tent topmost of sectors.
Roof: Composition department inclined plane of the tent.
Walls: Tent side wall sectors. Some tents did not.
Canopy block: the one roof departments to FireWire stretched to the other pillars support.
Door: the birth tent teeth. Window may be provided on the other side. Floor mats: for tents, mats spread on the ground. If humid place, but also the necessary holes and a layer mats.
Fly Pad: On the roof of the tent, and then another laying mats to cover to avoid the fierce sun. That is the second layer of the roof
Ropes: also known as column rope. Separation by two pillars, pillars of action to stop the tilt, and strong nails.
Angle rope: curtain extending from the corners of the tent out and nail firmly.
Spinal cord: extends from the bottom edge of the roof of the tent curtain out and nail firmly.
Nails: insert the ground, in order to secure the bottom of the rope and tent curtain. There are wooden. Metal and synthetic resin.
Wooden hammer or hammer: the use of nails when hit the ground. Slipknot to wood or metal, attached to the thigh or angle justice parts. Cable through the intervening two holes, moving to control cable.
Bag: the curtain and pillar, nails, wood hammer Bunang good income.

Outdoor activities are divided into two tents set up tents and proactive type tents, include two categories;
3 season tents (with ordinary outdoor activities) and four season tent (winter / alpine use).

Below we detail the first volume difference between these two types of tents.

Summer account usually mild, like usual for spring, summer and autumn milder climates.
Season 3 account can usually be reflected well in the rain, but the program also determines the characteristics they are often difficult to deal with, like excessive snowfall. If an account can barely support its quarters two inches of snow on top of it, when the snow reached 20 inches thick time, you certainly have the poor.

More sturdy four season tent will usually grow 1-2 support rods to make a stronger support system can withstand wind or snow layer thicker.
Winter usually account plan shape into a smooth dome-shaped naughty, even to just eliminate the flat part of the top of the rainfly, preparedness gather snow. Of course, and these winter / alpine account equally useful in relatively mild weather conditions. But they particularly support the extra weight of the rod to make them heavier than three quarters of the account.

Convertible debt can mediate account for three quarters of the four sequences account. The method of mediation is usually removed from the support system of the tent lost 1-2 in support rods, as well as providing ventilation and removable parts in the plan can be removed or opened to increase ventilation loss in mild climates.

Another tent for a warm climate, very light weight and thin, like the usual capacity of a single person or two, and often accept large mesh fabric to increase ventilation. This account can be used in spring and autumn, but like usual, because of its plans feature of this account in the warm, humid climate is the most practical.

The most simple situation is a single account. Basically, this is just one account with the poles hold up to rain cloth with several ventilation opening, in warmer weather, you can open the zipper mouth ventilation to enhance ventilation.

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